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Loyd Spetz
American Legion
Post #1
Bismarck, ND
Still Serving America
Once a Veteran, Always A Veteran

Supporting Family Members
Who Serve

Helping Veterans

Only 1% of our citizens serve in the Military.  Of that 1%  many have family members that served or are currenly serving.  Frequently veterans' children follow the family tradition and join a military branch. 

Support their choice by ensuring they have proper equipment, training and medical care.  The American Legion creates awareness and testifies at Congressional hearings, your Legion work to make sure these important components of the strength and legacy of our military are there for future generations.

A tradition worth saving!

We need to look out for each other and the communities where we live.  Which means taking care of the business of supporting those who have served and ensuring the support is in place for the next generation of veterans.

With a combined effort of lobbying in Washington, DC, creating local service and education programs, to ushering in the GI Bill, our mission is to create a better world for you and yours. 

If we don't, who will?

For less than $4 per month join your local post.
Help the American Legion support those serving, veterans, and your community alike.

Join your local post or contact ND Headquarters
www.ndlegion.org or (701) 293.3120