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Loyd Spetz
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Bismarck, ND
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SSN 784 North Dakota
Virginia Class Submarine


North Dakota (SSN-784) will be a Virginia-class submarine.  She will be the second ship of the United States Navy to be named for the state of North Dakota. The contract to build her was awarded to Electric Boat division of General Dynamics in Groton, CT on 14th August 2003. SSN-784 through approximately SSN-791 are planned to make up the third Block or “Flight” and should begin construction in 2009. North Dakota is the first of the Block III subs which will have a revised bow, including some technology from Ohio Class SSGNs.

The selection of the North Dakota honors the state’s citizens and veterans and their strong military support and heritage from the Frontier Wars through the Cold War and currently the war on terrorism. Seventeen North Dakotans have received the Medal of Honor for actions in combat. This is the second ship to bear the name “North Dakota” The first ship, the Delaware-class USS North Dakota (battleship), was in service from 1910 through 1923.

Lloyd Spetz Post Member and Past Commander, Legionnaire Bob Wefald is the Chairman of the USS North Dakota Committee.