Roster of Past Auxiliary Presidents

First President of Auxiliary Unit 1 – 1920-1921: Dr. Fannie Dunn Quain. Born 1874 in Bismarck, died in 1950 and is buried at the Fairview Cemetery. Graduated from the University of Michigan. First ND Woman to hold a Doctor of Medicine Degree. Founder and President of the Tuberculosis Association (which is now the American Lung Association), increased public awareness of Tuberculosis and developed institutions to combat the disease, helped found the state’s first baby clinic and ND state Tuberculosis sanitarium, she served on the ND State board of health 1922-1933, helped raise the standard of nurses training in the state, chaired the nurses training school committee at Bismarck evangelical hospital from 1920-1940, president of the nurses training school in the 1030’s, served as regional director of the medical women’s national association later named as the American medical women’s association from 1933-1934 (included the states of ND, SD, MN, and IA). Married Dr. Eric Quain in 1903 who is buried at the Sunset Memorial Cemetery in Bismarck. In WWI he set up hospitals in France.

Fannie Dunn Quain also became the first Auxiliary President of the Bismarck VFW in 1935. She was very well thought of in the community.

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